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Now that you have decided on your idea and have decided to launch your company, your to-do list begins to build the next unicorn (billion-dollar company).


Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t do your own company branding; unless you have a partner who is a branding expert. Otherwise, please read on -

1. The emotional branding concept

You may think that branding is just about having a logo, tagline, website plus the look and feel of your products and you are ready to take on the world.

There are a lot of emotional elements to a brand, it can change how a person feels about your brand when they experience or taste your product.

Coca Cola has done such a good job in branding that they can influence the way a person taste cola compared to Pepsi.

Coke vs Pepsi blind test

A blind test research has shown the following results; without the brand name, Pepsi beats Coca Cola but with the brand name on, Coca Cola overwhelmingly beats Pepsi. That’s what branding can do for your brand.

2. You are too close to your product

Because you are the creator, you are too close and biased to the brand that the branding may not resonate with your target audience.

Let someone from outside give you the best possible branding view and create it for you

3. The best branding experts are not available

They are all working in big firms or founding agencies like ours with a mission to empower the brands of tomorrow. So work with an expert rather than trying to hire one.

4. You can focus on sales rather than branding and marketing

Your time is freed up to do the selling. Sell with the best branding created for you. Sell with a branding that you are proud of. We have all encountered salespeople who came by with ugly powerpoints or products and we got turned off immediately. Don’t be like the salesperson or Pepsi. It’s an expensive mistake.

5. You are preparing yourself for success

Nothing spells success more than a beautiful brand and product. Get a headstart with investors with your branding

Let us build your brand and you can focus on what you do best. Drop us a note for a complimentary brand audit.

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