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Facebook marketing tricks to grow your Facebook page followers & engagement rate

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The article will be covering 5 advanced Facebook marketing tricks to grow your Facebook followers base and engagement rate.

  1. Interact on Facebook groups
  2. Steady cadence of post
  3. Implement 4:1:1 content strategy
  4. Consistent brand communication
  5. Motion Grabs Attention

1. Interact on Facebook groups

This is one of the lowest hanging fruits, join Facebook groups where your existing and potential customers are.

When joined, do not be overly promote sales or call to action. We have seen eager promoters who can’t address questions around buying concerns or product specifications when the community start asking.

Pro tip: Give value, educate, share insights, answers questions, seek feedback and gather consumers’ unfiltered intelligence on competitors on such group pages.

The constant interactions build top of mind awareness with the community and brand/ domain expertise recognition.

Content contributors

The next time when the members of the community have a purchase need, your brand or your name will be recalled from the top of their mind.

2. Steady cadence of posts

The cadence of post matters. Have you been in a communal conversation when an individual suddenly fires his speeches with great enthusiasm and the very next moment, he went completely silent? The entire group is now caught in awkward silence.

Awkward silence

That’s what some of the Facebook pages are like. One moment, the Facebook page had a flurry 4 to 5 postings, the next moment the page went completely silent into hibernation mode for months.

Have a consistent posting cadence. Facebook is a social platform to remind your followers of your brand. Inconsistency postings spell un-professionalism and can leave potential audiences figuring if the business is still in operation.

Pro tip: Work on a social media calendar, structure repetitive content themes (e.g. featured product of the month, employee story of the month posts, weekly TGIF promo, etc). Built some of those contents in advance, automate the postings via a social media scheduler.


If you have a limited number of followers, then cadence of postings might not be a priority yet. In such cases, begin hyper-targeted advertising to your intended customers, encourage your existing customers to follow your page and build on lookalike audiences from the current CRM data.

3. 4:1:1 content strategy

Are you struggling with the structure and types of contents for your Facebook page postings?

    Content stare down

    Use the 4:1:1 content mix framework for every 6 pieces of postings

    • 4 recent contents
    • 1 inspirational content
    • 1 sales-related content

    Pro tip:

    4 x recent contents can be industry related contents, Government initiatives, trends, recent news or newsjacking, etc

    1 x inspirational post can be an entertaining or inspirational content

    1 x promotional post should be a self-serving post with a compelling hook and clear Call to Action (CTA)

    4. Consistent brand communications

    Will you post your brand logo in Blue today, Red tomorrow, Green the day after... Yellow next week? Even if your brand colours are alike to those of Google, you are unlikely to do that.

    But isn't that what some of the companies are doing with the creatives of their social media contents? Different angles, filters, frames, fonts, tone of voice and etc.

    Pro tip:While the content calendar guides the overarching structure of the posts, a social media style guide help drive a more consistent brand and cohesive behaviour across your social media channels.

    5. Motion Commands Attention

    The difference in results for motion visuals versus static visuals?

    Product launch visual

    Static visual

    Product Launch Gif Ad - Republic Asia

    Motion graphic

    3X conversions. That’s the difference in results for motion graphics at our agency while managing our own and clients’ Facebook campaigns.

    Today’s digital world is cluttered with noises, brands and individuals are competing aggressively for the attention of viewers. There is a saying “attention is the new currency”.

    In our earlier years at advertising, we learned that for Out of home (OOH) adverts to captivate audiences, the visuals must be bright, complemented with eye-catching motion and loud audio to capture footfall eyeballs.

    Pro tip: Craft succinct messaging and communicate them with supporting visuals. Motion graphics can distill key messages across for ease of comprehension.

    Facebook marketing is tough

    That’s all from us.

    If you find Facebook marketing is too much of a hassle and will prefer an agency to do the heavy lifting for you, email us

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