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Future-proof your business branding in today's digital age

by Jessie Chong

· Digital Marketing,Branding

In order for brands to stay relevant in this digital era it needs to embrace the digital transformation that’s happening around us.

Most of us no longer read our news from the papers, no longer purchase magazines to find out the latest trends. Traditional mediums still serve its purpose but has dwindled in impressions.

We read news on social media such as Facebook, following influencers on Instagram to find out the latest trends, watching Youtube and entertainment online. We are simply spoiled for choices.
We are at this era of a great transformation. If we do not embrace it, we will be irrelevant.

How digital affects branding?

Information comes to us very quickly with the help of technology. Also, people have selective readings and only wants information that is relevant to them. The behaviour of the consumers have changed, the way how we gather and consume our information have changed.

Brands are using digital platforms such as Facebook / Instagram/ Google Ads/Twitter to create awareness, driving always-on and tactical campaigns such as:

  • Product Launches
  • Sales
  • Contest
  • Events

In the digital platforms, you’ll be able to map out your target audiences, by age group / Location / interest and drive the campaigns to those that most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Have you ever had the experience of interacting a site and then next moment all the ads are all over the social media and sites you are browsing?

As there is a mechanism that tracks your interest and the brands will do a retargeting on you. Many brands have shifted their budget of traditional Print Ads and Outdoor Ads to Digital ads which are more affordable and trackable.

9 ways for business to stay relevant in the Digital World

  1. Have a Digital Presence
  2. Leverage on Social Media Platforms
  3. Optimise website to be mobile and SEO friendly
  4. Create cross-format digital content for your products and services
  5. Amplify your reach through prevalent social media and search engine advertising
  6. Create your cult followers and reach new audiences
  7. Be active in engaging your audience
  8. Always stay connected to your customer through social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter / EDMs
  9. Analyse your results from the advertisements and do the necessary tweaks to improve your reach

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